Dance of the Heart, Dance Meditation: 

Saturday 5 pm – 6 pm UK Book here 

An uplifting blend of guided and free expression dance with some relaxing moving meditation. No steps to learn. Something for both dancers and non-dancers alike, my Dance Meditation is so much more than dance, dance meditation or meditation; It is a powerful well-being process.

Through choosing your own personalised intention, you will leave with Greater Confidence, Happiness, Enhanced Creativity, Peacefulness and Calm;  More “feel good” in all forms.; as well as enhanced relationships in all areas of your life.

(Please can you arrive 5 minutes in advance, as we will start promptly on the hour)

Karen Skehel leads “Dance of the Heart”. This has evolved from many years of teaching and leading Dance Meditation  which included her teaching on BBC1’s Inside Out series where she showed 3.6 million viewers how Londoner’s can have fun without alcohol and on the BBC’s equivalent in South Korea as part of a documentary on dance to heal: the therapeutic value of dance.

Dance of the Heart includes hundreds of different exercises to do individually, in pairs and in groups. She is now recreating it as a Live Stream practice;

A “Dance of the Heart” enthusiast shares what she most enjoys about it. “I love the freedom to be me, and to move without limitations. It’s so much fun: not only do I find my usual inhibitions are released, but I leave each session uplifted, energised and with my heart opened. I feel happy, relaxed and feel like I am falling in love with everyone!

Other fans talk about the following benefits:

“It is so much fun. I feel so great.”

“I feel so much more confident, more deeply connected with others and this impacts all my relationships”

“I used to judge myself and others. Now I do this less and less. Life is so much more fun”

“My health has improved so much”

“My stress levels have decreased, I  feel so alive. “

“Karen gently encouraged to expand my comfort zone and I find that so much more is possible now that I do”

Saturday 5 pm – 6 pm UK Book here