Our Vision

Karen Skehel, the founder of The Chateau introduces what she is calling  the world’s first miniature Health Club for the Soul in Barnes, London: As a business, life and transformational coach herself,   working with hundreds if not thousands of clients over 15 years she is used to co-creating goals.  When it came to the Chateau, the goal she set was: “The Chateau is a fun, creative and collaborative space of well-being” .

The core values are all about  Community, Collaboration,  Connection (with like-minded others), and Charity (100% of any joining fees paid are going to local charities)

In the future, day to day offerings will develop into a life enhancing programme of semi-private Yoga and Pilates,  Feldenkrais, T’ai Chi, Chi  Gung  and more, all manner of meditation and healing, and  holistic therapies too. This programme will be created by a collaborative venture of yoga, pilates, meditation and Feldenkrais teachers.

The Workshop and Retreat programme will evolve into Day and Evening Retreats, Day Retreats for Creative Entrepreneurs including Masterminding to resolve challenges of all kinds, Day Retreats and Programmes specially for professional women who are overwhelmed, overworked and heading towards burnout, Retreat programmes specially for professional women seeking love and so much more. 

There will be space for workshops of all kinds, and we welcome approaches from workshop facilitators of all kinds. We have a special interest in collaborations and particularly welcome approaches from teachers and workshop facilitators across the board who would like to co create a retreat evening, half day or day with us.  Either email us or register your interest at

If you are seeking personalised help with parts of your life and/or your business/work, you can read more about how Karen helps clients at and some of her other holistic work is